David Croom on his missing son Jonathan: “We want to change his story and have a happy ending”

Was it a child coz if so that’s sick how could anybody just dump a body anyway I hate to say it but the worlds corupted and only getting worse

Piers Morgan

Editor’s note: Jonathan Croom’s body was found around 6:30pm PT by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. His body was located about 1000 feet from where the vehicle was abandoned in a wooded area. His death is being investigated as a suicide.

On the heels of Friday’s news that an 18-year-old Arizonan by the name of Jonathan Croom had gone missing in Oregon, “Piers Morgan Live” invited David Croom to talk about his son’s journey that seems to emulate the journey of Christopher McCandless, which inspired “Into the Wild.”

“He apparently picked up this obsession or extreme interest in this movie and this story six to eight months ago,” he told Piers Morgan. “They began to romanticize this entire idea not realizing the movie had a bad end. And that’s been my concern about the whole thing, people tend to think it’s romantic to go out and do that…

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